Friday, August 1, 2014

10 minute Summer Blast Challenge!! and a chance to win an awesome prizepack!

Join me starting today for the next 31 days for my: 

10 Minute
Summer Blast

I have read several articles that state that 10 minutes of exercise is (1) obviously better than no exercise; (2) improves your emotional and physical health; and (3) a short blast of intense exercise can boost metabolism for the entire day.

I personally have used several 10 minute "blast" workouts and find them great for exercise add-ons or when I'm short on time and want a quick workout.

Here are some of the DVDS that I use for 10 minute blasts:
  • 10 minute solution dvds-lots to choose from!

  • Get your Body Back by Chris Freytag

  • 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton//Beachbody Fitness

  • Trim in 10 by Tara Fit 

  • Give me 10 core cuts by Amy Dixon (my latest purchase so I haven't tried it yet) 

My Challenge to you for the next 31 days: 

  1. Every day from August 1-31 do a 10 minute workout or movement. 
  2. Then come back and post here on my blog and follow the rafflecopter instructions to earn daily points.   
The more times you post, the more chances you get towards winning the Grand Prize at the end of the month. It's that easy!

The 10 minutes can be jumping on a trampoline, talking a brisk walk, doing a 10 minute dvd, squats or jumping jacks, etc. The purpose is to get your body moving-so your possibilities are endless!

I typically do a 60 minute workout in the mornings and then sit on my butt for 8-9 hours at my office job; so my goal this month is to do my 10 minute movements in the evenings. It will be hard for me because I don't feel like moving after dinner time, but this challenge will motivate me to do more.

  • One full size bottle of Detox, Hair Skin Nails, Green Tea, Resveratrol. Acai OR Prenatal. Winners choice! 100% all natural supplements from Delta Labs USA.

One winner-USA address only-I will verify entries to determine if winner qualifies.
Special THANK YOU to Chris Freytag and Delta Labs USA for donating prizes! 

So are you ready to commit for the next 31 days? 

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  1. I love the 10 min aspect! I think some people get caught up in "I don't have 30 to an hour, so why bother??". 10 mins is better than NO minutes!

  2. Took another walk around the block with the Andrew, Levi and the dogs. Thought it might start raining so the last 6 houses worth of sidewalk was a sprinty jog.

  3. A whole week of walking! This might become a habit!

  4. I did my 10 min abs workout!! I love it!!

  5. I typically go to boot camp or run for at least 30 minutes so this should be pretty "easy" for me. :-)

  6. Ooo i used to love 10 min workouts!

  7. I did an hour of TKD and another hour of BJJ today! :]

  8. I'm a little late to the challenge but I love it! I'm on Sparkpeople and they are huge advocates of 10 minutes of exercise per day. I even have my little Sparkpeople activity tracker that only logs steps as a workout if it's 10 minutes of uninterrupted movement. Love it! I'm about to go hop on my elliptical to get my 10 in!

  9. 1 hour of weightlifting today and 1 hour TKD/1hour BJJ yesterday! :]

  10. I've been getting in some good walks lately and I got to lift some weights today. Feeling good!