Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bungypump training poles-How do you use them?

Earlier this month I posted a blog post about Bungypump training poles:

Today I wanted to show you some of the ways that I've been using them outside. 

Active side bend with both poles
This is really great for the core area!

Deep squats with one pole

Forward lunges with one pole
This really helps with balance and being able to do a deeper lunge. 

Crossed lunges with one pole

Back lunges with both poles

Leg swings with both poles
Be careful not to swing your legs up too high or you will hurt your hips. 

Knee ups (marching) with both poles

single squats with one pole
my 4 year old wanted to do with me too! ;-) 

Of course all these exercise could be done with a walking stick, but I really like the Bungypump training poles because they add the extra weight and resistance. 

Here are some other ideas on how to use the training poles:

Who can use them? 

Weight Loss

The benefits of BungyPump have also been recognised by those aiming to lose weight. The increased burning of calories has led to BungyPump being featured on several nationally televised weight-loss competitions, e.g. “Sweden’s Biggest Loser”.


One of the unique features of BungyPump is the well-documented benefits offered to those involved in rehabilitation programs. The built-in suspension offers soft and gentle exercise while activating a wide range of muscle groups in the back and upper body. BungyPump is recommended and used by physiotherapists and other medical specialists which has been very important to the success and wide-spread appreciation of BungyPump on the Swedish market.

Regular exercisers

The largest market segment belongs to those people of all ages and from all walks of life who are generally interested and active in some type of regular fitness activity. The benefits of the increased activation of upper body muscle groups when walking appeals to all those interested in simple, regular exercise.

Potential Exercisers

BungyPump not only appeals to those actively involved in regular physical activity, but has proven to be very attractive to those people who feel the need to exercise, but are not motivated to join a gym or find it difficult to start a fitness program. Training with BungyPump is seen as “fun” offering effective exercise at a low cost in a relatively short time. As such, BungyPump easily motivates and touches a demographic in which traditional exercise and training techniques have held little interest.

Elderly people

The soft and gentle exercise afforded by the built-in suspension system holds great appeal to elderly people who wish to continue regular physical activity. The fact that a wide range of muscle groups in the back and upper body are activated when walking offers a very effective way of maintaining a certain level of fitness and well-being.

Occupational / health care

BungyPump is very popular with Human Resource departments of companies, sports associations and other organisations as they are becoming more and more aware of the importance of good health and regular exercise for the well-being of their staff and members. Free training events have proven very popular and have helped raise BungyPump’s profile through the hands-on experience.

Elite Athletes

The fact that BungyPump has been embraced by leading sports and fitness personalities in Sweden has been very important to the success on the Swedish market. Through endorsements from top level skiers, who find BungyPump to be an excellent complement to their training schedules, and opinion leaders in the fitness world who have recognised the unique benefits of BungyPump, we have enjoyed wide-spread acceptance as a serious training product.


Many people enjoy walking as a simple and relaxing means of exercise. BungyPump has become very popular as a complement to this as the built-in suspension eliminates any shock to the upper body and so becomes a very natural extension of the walking movement whilst offering far more effective training. In addition, a large number of people who started walking with standard Nordic poles as a means of exercise have now started using BungyPump.

Here's a great article on walking 10,000 steps with BungyPump training poles:

Read FAQ here:

You can buy them here:

Have you ever heard of Bungypump training poles or used some kind of training poles for walking or exercising? 

I was sent these BungyPump training poles complimentary for blog review this summer. 
All opinions and pictures are my own. 

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