Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bungypump training poles-what are they?

I was sent these BungyPump training poles complimentary for blog review this summer. 
All opinions and pictures are my own. 

Introducing BungyPump Training poles!! 
  • Training poles with 8 inches of built-in suspension and 8.8 lbs. resistance; Up to 77% increased calorie consumption compared to regular walking
  • Activates both the upper and lower body, gives a full body workout; Can be used by everyone regardless of age, gender of fitness level
  • Soft and gentle on shoulder and elbows, praised by medical experts and used in rehabilitation
  • Can be used for walking, running and various strength, stretching and endurance exercises; Has over 65 different exercises and complete programs
  • Adjustable length, can be used by the whole family, cork handles, detachable handle straps

Product Description from the website: 
BungyPump Number One, a training pole with 8 inches built-in suspension system and provides resistance equivalent to 8.8 lbs. For each step the pole is being pressed down it gives the resistance equivalent of 8.8 pounds. The constant resistance increases the burning of calories with up to 77% compared to regular walking (with no poles) and efficiently trains and improves strength, balance, coordination and endurance. These poles train fitness and strength at the same time, while still being soft and gentle on shoulders and elbows. The built in resistance offers a very soft and gentle, yet efficient way of activating almost all of the bodys muscles. When using the poles the impact on shoulders and joints is very gentle, and why these poles are widely recommended by physiotherapists.

Length: 45-61 inches, variable adjustment possible.
Grip: ergonomically designed with hand strap.
Shaft (upper): ABS copolymer.
Shaft (lower): aluminum.
Tip: tungsten carbide.
Rubber foot: natural rubber.
Color: black.

My Opinion: 
I have been using these training poles this summer and they are alot of fun to use outside! They came in a great storage bag along with directions on how to use them. I love how niceand cushy the handles are and how sturdy the poles are. 
I went on a 10 minute walk with them on Saturday and felt it in my arms later that day-wow!! I actively push down on them every time I walk to "activate" the suspension instead of just using them for balance. My 4 year has loved using them as well! 
These training poles are great for any age!! 

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