Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 1 #ActiveLivingChallenge with @LornaJaneActive @FitApproach


#ActiveLivingChallenge Daily Challenges for Week 1: 
August 4th: Favorite summer workout move
August 5th: Favorite healthy recipe
August 6th: What active living means to you
August 7th: Favorite place to relax/ have quiet time
August 8th: Snap a #workout sweaty selfie!
August 9th: Moving/ working out with your friends!
August 10th: Something you’re grateful for
**Recap Week 1 of the #ActiveLivingChallenge in a blog post!

#activelivingchallenge this is one of my fav #exercise moves from #jillianmichaelsbodyrevolution workout program I started this summer. It's challenging bc I'm working on my balance as well as lifting handweights at the same time! @fitapproach @lornajaneactivewear

Day 2 of #activelivingchallenge with @fitapproach and @lornajaneactivewear >>> healthy recipe. > I made my own #zucchini (from our garden) #glutenfree bread last week because I wanted something fresh, #glutenfree with very little sugar. My first time making bread and it turned out awesome!!!! My family ate it right up!

What does active living mean to me? #activelivingchallenge >spending time with my family doing yard work, taking walks outside, playing frisbee, dvd workouts...even when there's chores and other things to do. >> @lornajaneactivewear @fitapproach #fitfamily

#activelivingchallenge yesterday: one of my favorite places to relax is my #fitness #exercise room in my basement! I workout almost every day at 6am before the family is awake. #movenourishbelieve #activeliving @fitapproach @lornajaneactivewear

#activelivingchallenge #workout #exercise picture for today's challenge. #movenourishbelieve #activeliving @fitapproach @lornajaneactivewear

#activelivingchallenge today is working out with friends. I #exercise at home so I love to have my hubby and two boys join me! #fitfamily #activeliving @fitapproach @lornajaneactivewear

#activelivingchallenge today is something I'm thankful for... My two precious boys! We spent the morning on Saturday running errands, school shopping, and going to lowes #buildandgrow clinic. We go to home depot and lowes 2-3 times per month for free kids building activities and we are all getting to be good builders! ;) I love my time with them! #activeliving @fitapproach

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  1. Awesome fitness move, and it looks like you have a fun, healthy family! Great pictures :)