Monday, June 9, 2014

week 1 recap of #nataliejillchallenge #nataliejillfitness

I just ended week 1 of the #nataliejillchallenge.
Here's my blog post with more specifics about the challenge.

Monday's workout
2 miles Leslie Sansone, 20 min body workout (didn't like!) and Natalie Jill day 2 video-wall workout #2.

Tuesday workout
1 mile Leslie Sansone, 12 min indoor power walk with Jessica Smith, 10 min best inner thigh exercises with Jessica Smith, and day 3 Natalie jill best ab exercises. 

Wednesday workout
3 miles Leslie Sansone, day 4 Natalie Jill thigh slimming exercises. 

Thursday workout
Natalie Jill wall workout and 25 mins Burstfit Fire Legs. 

Friday and Saturday rest day. 

Some of my food this week: 

Did you do the challenge with me this week? 

I really enjoyed her videos and can't wait to continue with the challenge this month. I will also be doing her 7 day Jumpstart program starting on Monday. 

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