Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Influenster #GoVoxBox review #influenster

Influenster #GoVoxBox Review: 

Items in my #GoVoxBox :
-Playtex sport fresh balance tampons #playon
-Vitamin Shoppe 3 protein drink packets and shaker cup #nextstep
-Profoot triad orthotic and pedi-rock #goprofoot
-Blue Diamond Blueberry flavored Almonds #getyourgoodgoing
-AquaSpa Body creme lotion #relaxwithaquaspa
-Voucher for free Muller yogurt, which I purchased at Kroger #mullerquaker

My Review: 
I was really pleased overall with this Influenster GoVoxBox because I'm a very active person so I was able to put all of these items to good use.

-The playtex tampons are good to have on hand and I like that it was a very faint fresh scent to them. I don't typically use tampons very much but it will be good to have them for when I need them.

-My family and I shared the NextStep packets because I couldn't drink them all because they aren't gluten and dairy free. I did try them all though for testing and tasting purposes. We mixed the chocolate one with the shaker cup with milk and it tasted creamy and mixed very well. We then mixed the other ones in our Ninja blender using fresh fruit and water and again they were impressed. Not something we would buy though because of dietary restrictions.

-I love my ProFoot pedi rock!! It washes really well after use and does an awesome job with scrapping extra dry skin off my feet. I love that its soft enough for me to hold in my hand. I won't be using the profoot orthotics because I don't particularly care for them.

-I LOVE the Blue Diamond Almonds!! I've had them before as well as the other flavors, so I was familiar with them. I like that they don't have dye in them just because they are flavored. Unfortunately my 4 year old likes them as well so I didn't get to eat very many from my bag! ;-) Time to buy some more!! I can buy them at my local Kroger.

-I loved the AquaSpa lotion!! It smells like lavender which is super calming for me. Very moisturizing!! I keep this by my night stand and love it!

-Purchased the Dark Chocolate Cherry Muller Yogurt at my local Kroger and shared it with my boys. I couldn't eat more than a spoonful because it's not lactose free but I liked the flavor and that it was rich and creamy. The boys loved it too-said it tasted like cherry ice cream. However I wouldn't buy it again because of the cost and dietary restrictions.

***I have posted alot of pictures and individual reviews for these products on my Instagram and Twitter pages.

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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