Thursday, June 26, 2014

FREE printable #PIYO Food Diary for 60 day Nutrition Plan. #piyoworkout #chalenejohnson

I got my deluxe piyo kit in the mail last night!! I posted a youtube video yesterday with the contents.
You can see my blog post here:

I'm planning to start PIYO on Monday along with "The Daniel Plan" program which is implementing healthy eating along with daily exercise.

As I was looking thru the food plan last night (which is awesome!) I didn't really like the food tracker that I downloaded from the beachbody website that I previously shared here on my blog. I wanted more space to write down what I actually ate and for what categories.

I made up a new PIYO food tracker and hopefully you will like it and it will be helpful with your food logging. Theres room to write down food for every meal, what category, how many servings, and how many cups of water per day.


The Food plan seems very similar to the 21 day fix food plan except you aren't using colored containers. You eat specific servings per day of the specific food groups and each page tells you what items you can eat and what a serving size is. Super easy to follow and understand!!

For example, because of my weight I will be following plan B which is 1400-1599 calories.
So every day I can have:
5 servings of food from the primary vegetables category,
2 servings of secondary veggies and grains,
2 servings of fresh fruit
5 servings of lean protein
4 servings of healthy fats

For breakfast I typically have:
1 scoop of Greenberry shakeology (or any protein drink)
1 cup frozen berries
1/2 banana
1.5 tsp almond butter
1 cup water
EQUALS for the PIYO plan:
1 protein
1 fruit
1 fruit
1 healthy fat

For lunch I could have:
unlimited romaine lettuce salad mix
2 hard boiled eggs or 3 oz turkey breast
1/2 sweet potato
EQUALS for the PIYO plan:
1 primary veggie
1 protein
1 healthy fat
1 secondary veggie/grain

See how easy that is?
Just plan your day's meals AHEAD of time and I promise you, you can be successful!


  1. Nice! Great job making your own food tracker. Every once in a while I track my food for a week or so to make sure I'm on track, but I don't do it regularly.

  2. OH my word! I have looked everywhere for someone that is NOT a beachbody coach that is doing PiYo! I'm on the fence of ordering it. How is it coming along?

    I'm from the Tri-Cities. What part of southwest VA are you in?