Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 4 recap of the Barre3 Spring Challenge with Sadie Lincoln-workouts and pictures

Didn't end my last week of the Barre3 spring challenge as well as I wanted to :-( I ended up taking alot of rest days and only worked out 3 days (and only 2 days of Barre3!). 

Here's what my exercise week looked like: 

Rest day- holiday

35mins baladea slim, 10 mins barre3, 10 mins outside walking at work. 

1 mile of Leslie Sansone DVD

Thursday and Friday rest days because of my period

2 miles leslie Sansone,10 mins barre3 video, 15 mins baladea flow, 15 mins zumba step, and 60 mins of rollerskating in the evening. I totally overdid on Saturday after taking 2 rest days in a row. My son did almost all the workouts with me too!


Chia Seeds in my protein drinks. 

Essential oils-Lemon in my water. 
Found out later I should always use a glass cup! oops! 

Wonderful fruit cup!

Tried out my new glass jars and made everyone a Naturade Chocolate protein drink. YUMMY!!

What were your workouts last week? 

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