Wednesday, March 26, 2014

RedStar Sunglasses Review and Pictures and FREE sunglasses (just pay S/H) for my readers!!

I received a free pair of sunglasses this weekend from RedStar for blog review. These are the ones I picked out online because I like steel frames and not thick ones. Plus the leopard print is super cool!! :-)

What is RedStar Shades??

They came in a great case and cloth to clean the lenses.

My hubby thinks they are a little big for my face but I like them! 

I am impressed with the sturdiness and quality of these glasses. Obviously I haven't had them very long to vouch for their durability, but honestly even if they don't last every long, $15 is a steal for a fashionable pair of sunglasses!! 

If you want to check them out, here my referral shopping link: (i do get a small commission if you decide to purchase anything!) 

Referral Link:

Heres the exciting part!! 
If you use my code below, you can purchase up to $500 worth of sunglasses (thats 4 or 5 pairs!!) for FREE!!! 
You only pay shipping and handling on each pair!! Which for my hubby was a little less than $15 each pair. SUCH a great deal!! He decided to use my code to buy two pairs because he was jealous of mine! LOL  

Use MTA14 for the $500 Redstar gift card towards your purchase. 

Have you ever purchased from RedStar? 
Check out the website and let me know what sunglasses you like.. you can never have too many pairs... 

I have looked up reviews online and I know RedStar does not have very good reviews, but they were several years ago so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I will let you know ASAP if I have unauthorized CC charges or issues that you need to be aware about. I did go thru my husbands new account info very carefully to make sure he was not enrolled in any monthly sunglasses program which reviews suggest. From everything I've read we will not be shipped anything further than the two pairs we bought and we are not enrolled in anything extra. We used our CC not our bank card so I will monitor the account closely. 

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