Friday, March 14, 2014

DonaJo Activewear tank top review and promo code for my readers!

DonaJo Activewear sent me a tank top last month for blog review. I picked the Hippie tank in acai purple. I was a little concerned because its offered in one size-size small to large so I wasn't sure how well it would fit me... I LOVE IT!!! 

I have worn it at least half a dozen times and washed it and it has still kept its shape, still soft, hasn't torn. I'm really impressed with the quality!! I love that its a "lose fit" kind of tank so it truly will fit a small size small to large top person. 

They also have some SUPER cute leggings (I have to lose a little more weight before I can fit them.) They post pictures all the time on their instagram page and I love all the designs they offer!! 

Check out their website here:

The tank they sent me is here:

They gave me a special code that I can share with my readers if you would like to buy something from their website. 

Have you ever heard of DonaJo Active wear? If so, have you bought anything?? 

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