Tuesday, March 4, 2014

21 day Fix by Autumn Calabrese program- Week 1 Nutrition and Workouts

I just ended Week 1 of the 21 Day Fix which is the newest Beachbody Fitness nutrition AND exercise program.

Please see my blog post I posted on Sunday with my week 1 results, comparison pictures, and more info about the program I'm doing.

So how exactly does it work? After reading thru all my booklets, I determined how many containers I get based on how many calories I need to eat per day (which is based on your weight).

I picked the middle category which is 1,500-1799 calories per day. Which means each day I get 4 green containers (veggies), 3 purple (fruit), 4 red (protein), 3 yellow (carbs), 1 blue (healthy fats and cheese), 1 orange (seeds, dressing), and 4 tablespoons (oils and butters).

The booklets that come with the program are very easy to read and great with explaining the program.
They provide the lists of approved foods per each color container.

Below are several pictures of side by side comparisons of what some of my meals looked like in the containers versus on my plate.

I LOVE my meal tracker that I got from a girl on Instagram. It does not come with the program. Someone in her beachbody fitness group made this pdf file. I use it every day to pre plan my meals.

You can download the meal planner here:

Here are the pictures of my daily food and workouts this entire week: 

Here's what the first dvd exercise menu looks like.

Day 1-Monday Feb 24:
workout: Total Body Cardio Fix

Day 2-Tuesday Feb 25:
workout: Upper Fix

Day 3-Wednesday Feb 26:
workout: Lower Fix

Day 4-Thursday Feb 27:
workout: Pilates Fix

Day 5-Friday February 28:
workout: Cardio Fix

Day 6-Saturday March 1:
workout: Dirty 30

Day 7-Sunday March 2: 
workout: Yoga Fix

My thoughts on the entire week:
  • I didn't do very well on Thursday. I ended up having 5 girl scout cookies and 1 cupcake that day. :-( Felt like a total failure! Then felt totally awful after having that much sugar. (it was the only day I had sugar this week)
  • On Friday I had tons to do at work, so I actually ended up skipping lunch, which wasn't good, but thats why its showing less food in my day 5 picture. 
  • On Saturday we were gone from 11am to 10pm traveling to NC for a funeral. I packed most of my food prep and measured everything so I would be successful. I had a pretty good day and only ate out once-at Wendy's-for dinner. 
  • SO excited about my weight loss and hoping I can do 100% this coming week with no sugar and no fast food. 
  • Didn't miss any of my workouts this week and did all my workouts as scheduled per day. I really love these workouts, alot more than I thought I would!! Most of the workouts require hand weights (4 of the 7 workouts), which I think is awesome because strength training is so important!! and they are only 30 minutes! 
  • I loved using my daily meal planner and it definitely helps to pre-plan my meals before the day begins so I am successful!! 
  • I always save 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 green for dinner so that my husband can plan whatever he wants for dinner and not have to worry about cooking me something special. He cooks great healthy meals, for which I'm very grateful. 
  • This program can be for anyone!! Men or women. You can use hand weights, no weights or resistance bands. 
  • I was never hungry. I ate alot more than I thought I would with following this program. Even though I'm still eating the same number of calories as I was before this program, I ended up losing weight. It's like magic. :-) 
  • You do not have to drink Shakeology or any protein drink to be successful in this program. Just follow the program with the number of containers you need PER DAY and measure things properly, and you will be good to go! 
  • People are seeing results without doing the exercise program provided with the 21 day fix. I personally LOVE the workouts and have been doing them every day; but you can do another workout program or walking or nothing, and still get results. 

*** I want to be very clear. I am not a Beachbody coach. I am not going to get any commission or compensation for writing these blog posts about the 21 day fix program. I am not trying to sell you this program. I struggle with my nutrition balance and portions which is why I purchased this program. 
I am excited that I'm getting results with this new program, and its brand new so alot of people have never heard of it or haven't purchased it yet. 
I am simply sharing my personal thoughts, opinions and pictures in hopes that if you struggle with weight loss and nutrition; then maybe this program will give you hope and help you like it has helped me!***

Here is my week 1 progression picture from Saturday morning to Saturday morning. 
I LOST 3.4 POUNDS this week!! 

These are my real results! 
My stomach in both pictures is relaxed. I am not sucking it in and I'm not pushing it out. 

Here is my blog post I posted yesterday with my week 1 results, comparison pictures, and more info about the program.


  1. Love your review! I have asked coaches about how the program works but they guard the info and just try to convince me to buy it. I wanted to know more before deciding. It sounds really cool!

    1. Im glad I could help you! :-) thanks for your comments.

  2. Interesting program. I have not heard of it before. Congrats on the results. All your food looks so yummy!

  3. Great review!!! I just ordered my 21 Day Fix Program and will be starting on the 17th with a challenge group. I will be following your progress, thanks for sharing!!

  4. This is awesome Rachel! You should refer people to your coach! I'm sure he/she would appreciate it!

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  8. Laura-I appreciate your comments but I had to delete because I do not allow advertising in my comments. I respect that you are a BB coach but I do not want you soliciting on my page. thanks!

  9. Thank you for all you info! Great progress! I am currently on day 3. So far I am very happy with it. I have a trial bag of Shakeology, that will last me my first week. I do like it, but can't see how to justify the cost. What have you, or others, used in it's place? Thanks again for all your info, I will be following you as I embark on my 21 day fix! :-)

    1. Charlotte: I personally use Shakeology and Naturade Vegan Smart. I know they are expensive but I can't use cheaper products like whats sold at kroger or walmart. I'm not sure what anyone uses for protein drinks. sorry!

  10. So grateful to find your blog as it is very encouraging! My husband and I are planning on ordering the program asap. Keep up the great work & thanks for sharing!

  11. This was such a great detailed post! I hope you are doing well on the program and thank you for the tracking sheets!


  12. I have the 21 day fix and failed miserably during week one. I'm a vegetarian and have a lot of food issues, (very picky). I am going to give it another try using your meal planner to see if that helps! However I did love the workouts. Good luck!! Here is to restarting week 1!!!