Friday, March 28, 2014

Follow up from Fabletics and Ellie Reviews from November

First, I almost never post negative reviews or feedbacks on companies because I don't like to post negativity on my blog and peoples opinions and experiences are always different from some one elses... but I am going to discuss my PERSONAL opinion and reviews of Fabletics and Ellie because I've posted about them before and I've recommended them. 

So back in November I posted about my two month subscription purchases from the new Fabletics site.
My post can be found here:

It is now several months later and I haven't been able to wear any of the clothes I purchased from them because its either too big or too small. The larges are too big around my waist but tight on my thighs and the mediums are too small. They must not be made for curvy girls. I tried Fabletics because I've been frustrated with Ellie's customer service, lack of choices and slow shipping. I liked the Fabletics site, choices and fast shipping. However, I felt like some of the pictures were deceiving. I ordered a blue top and it was super long, not at all how they pictured it online. I decided to cancel after 2 months and practially had to go thru an act of congress and over 45 mins just to cancel my account. Once I did, I haven't gotten any more charges on my credit card so that was good. They offered to send me a free outfit if I didn't cancel, but honestly I didn't want to call back again to cancel so I told her I wasn't wearing the outfits I already purchased so it didn't make sense at the time. Periodically I got on their website to check out the new stuff and I am tempted but then I remember I have enough workout clothes! ;-)

Next onto Ellie...I have been ordering from them for over one year now. I was an "ambassdaor" for several months and had 3 different contacts with the company. They changed from PV Body to Ellie, then changed their prices, changed their website, now changed their subscription packages... and the entire time I kept giving them the benefit on the doubt because they were a new company. But each time I got a new Ellie company ambassador contact I'd wonder, why do their employees keep leaving? I finally deleted my ambassador coupon and link off my blog side bar because they said they weren't offering discounts anymore thru links and they didn't' have an ambassador pgoram. (when I asked about it online last month, someone said they were still an ambassador, so who knows??!!)

I can't recommend their site any longer to people because I feel its really deceitful to charge peoples credit cards and then wait 3-6 weeks to ship products to people!! They have always had slow shipping, but its absolutely ridiculous to not even SHIP a product out until a month later!! (and supposedly they said they had all the products in their warehouse to ship so that people didn't have to wait so long) Then its another week or two before I get my package after they ship. When customers ask for tracking info or shipping updates, they are given false information or never answered on facebook.

Back in December, they revamped their website and overnight totally changed their ordering and subscription packages without notifying or telling any of their customers!! One day you could order 2 pieces for 49.95 with free shipping, the next day they offered package deals for 49.95 and UP! and some customers have to pay for shipping now. It appears they were copying the exact structure and ordering guidelines as Fabletics. Hmmm... I liked having the flexibility to order 2 pants or 2 tops every month-any two pieces, not an outfit of a top and bottom that was pre selected and matched by the company. :-(

So I didn't order anything from Ellie for Jan or Feb as I waited for them to work out the kinks of the new ordering and got things under control. On March 1st I placed an order from their new collection, a top and bottom...actually honestly I don't even remember what I ordered, seriously!! and its March 28th and I have no package from Ellie and no shipping info from them. and of course my credit card was charged on March 1st! -sigh-

I LOVE Ellies colors and designs (for the most part) which is why I've ordered from them almost every month and stuck with them thru all the company changes-multiple changes.. the quality of the pieces and stretch is fantastic! I wear Ellie exercise tops and bottoms (I have mostly bottoms) multiple times a week!

But sadly I don't feel like I can recommend them or that I should even bother ordering from them anymore. I'm sad because its a great concept to have a monthly exercise clothes subscription...I guess I'll just stick to Old Navy and Kohls active wear when it goes on sale.

Have you had any experiences with Ellie or Fabletics?? What did you think?


  1. Yikes!
    You aren't the first person I have heard this from; I've actually heard people say the very same things over and over again. It is unfortunate that these companies can't do what they say they will do. I am glad you have been able to break ties with them.
    Personally...I will stick with all my awesome C9 stuff from target! Haha!

  2. Whoa that sounds kind of ridiculous! I've heard of both of those companies but haven't really looked into them much. After reading this, I'll definitely stay away!

  3. I'm not familiar with either of these companies. I appreciate your honesty and will definitely remember this!