Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My core power exercise prize!!

Last month I won a Core Power exercise kit from a blogger. I LOVE it!! I was so so excited to get it!!

I got a great bag with a holding area for a yoga mat; a yoga mat with case; sweat towel, stability ball with pump; water bottle and 3 Core Power drinks.

I didn't care for the vanilla-it was too sweet for me, but I loved the two chocolates. I've tried all the other flavors they offer on amazon (bought 3 cases in fact); and I think the strawberry banana and light chocolate are my favorites.

Have you ever tried Core Power? What did you think?

I LOVE that they are lactose free and high in protein!!

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  1. I got to try Core Power after the Spartan Race here in Tampa and I loved it. Even my super picky husband loved it. Congrats on your win! What an awesome kit!

  2. I've not tried Core Power but I'm not real big on fitness drinks/supplements. Although I do use protein powder. The whole prize is pretty awesome!