Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Leslie Sansone Walk to the Hits: Party Songs NEW for Dec 2013-review

Today I got the newest DVD from Leslie Sansone that was released earlier this month, in the mail from Walmart. I was so excited, I decided to do the entire dvd tonight so I could share my review on it.


$9.99 and to view video clip sample

This is what the menu looks like. 

Picture clip from video. I also posted a short video clip on my instagram page tonight. 

The back of the DVD says 47 minutes but I stopped my dvd player timer when she ended the walk before the credits begin. So the workout is truly 45 minutes/3 miles. 


I really liked her Walk to the Hits: Radio Remixes from a couple of months ago, so I figured this dvd would be similar except for different music. 
In mile 1 and into mile 2 she does 30 second bursts of HIIT training. She uses the same song for all the HIIT training bursts, but that didn't bother me. The music was okay. It was upbeat, but I personally didn't like the music selection. In fact, I think one of the songs might have had a swear word, so until I know for sure, this dvd will not be used for family use. 
The cast was fun-there was alot of talking so sometimes it was a little obnoxious to hear the talking and the loud music at the same time. 
This kind of dvd is more for a "fun workout", not necessarily a "good, sweaty" workout in my opinion. I prefer the Radio Remixes dvd over this one. 
I probably won't be doing this dvd very much, but it was a fun workout and 
I would recommend it.  

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  1. I like the Leslie Sansone dvds. I might check if the library has these available to rent. =)