Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mash Up Conditioning TEMPO Dvd product review! takes only 15 minutes!!

Tempo Dvd review

High intensity intervals

Product Description

If you lead a busy life and can only spare 15 minutes a day period to workout then this DVD is for you!
It allows you to combine all three disciplines of MASH Up Conditioning in just 15 minutes! It includes 7 complete fifteen minute workouts that combine 5 minutes of Mind Body exercises, 5 minutes of Agility and Strength exercises, and 5 minutes of High Intensity Intervals. A Free Eating and Exercise Guide is included!
I was sent this dvd complimentary last month for blog review. 
I have done all the workouts the past 2 days and I was really pleased with how the dvd tempo sections flowed. 

This is the main menu to select chapters. 
It does NOT include a warm up or cool down, 
so make sure to do that on your own. SUPER important!! 

All the tempos are set up exactly the same with Agility and Strength, then Interval training, then Mind and Body which equals 15 total minutes per tempo. There are one or two tempos where the timing is a little off and you don't end up getting a full 30 seconds for rest during the Interval training section, but it didn't bother me. The entire workout is filmed in a gym for a boot camp type setting, so sometimes the sound and coloring is a little "off" because of the camera angles. 

The first 5 minutes is called "Agility and Strength". 
You will need a pair of hand weights for this section. 
Or you can follow the pregnant girl modifier on the left because alot of times she doesn't use any weights. 
I used 3 pounds when I did this section. 

The second 5 minutes is called "High Intensity Intervals". 
30 seconds of a particular move, then 30 seconds of rest. 

The last 5 minutes is called "Mind and Body" which is core and yoga/stretching type work. 
Don't let the name fool you though. Its not the cool down. :-) 

This was my workout yesterday-did Tempo 1-3.

Last night I did Tempo 4.

This morning I did Tempo 5-7, which completes the entire Dvd!!
Some of the moves are repeated during different tempos, but overall most of the moves in every tempo was different. 

Stacy Redwine (co owner) directs every Tempo and guides each level person to what they need to do with each move. There is a pregnant girl Kate who does level 1 (beginner) on the left side of the screen. Jaime Zacharis (co owner) does level 2 (intermediate) and is in the middle of the screen, and a man Daniel does level 3 (advanced) on the right side. Stacy does well with showing each level modification and keeping an eye on the time for each move and announcing the next move coming up. I usually started doing level 1 as soon as the move changed so I wouldn't lose any time in between sets and then moved to level 2. I wasn't able to do level 3 for most of the moves in the tempos because it was pretty advanced and I didn't want to hurt my knees. 

These workouts are great with fitting in during the busy holiday schedule or for a busy mom or working individual. I like that you can do 1 tempo, or stack as many tempos as you want. Remember this dvd does not come with a warm up or cool down. I walked in a place for a few minutes to warm up and then did my own stretching at the end. Last night I even used a foam roller to help my sore muscles. 

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FREE youtube videos so you can try the program before you buy: 
Tempo workout Agility & Strength  #4-14:54 mins. (This clip is on my tempo dvd)
High intensity workout #1-14:25 (this is not on my tempo dvd)
8 min Tempo yoga sprint workout: 

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