Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bodyfit 360 by Michelle Dozois DVD exercise review

A couple weeks ago Michelle Dozois sent me three of her newest workout dvds complimentary for blog review. I had never done her workouts before so I was excited to try them!!

I reviewed her Cardio Strength DVD here last week:

A couple days ago I tried her BodyFit 360 dvd. This workout is 53 mins long from start to finish. You will need a yoga mat, no shoes. and definitely water. Collage video rates this workout as "advanced".

Oh my goodness it was tough!! I was foolish enough to think that since it was a barefoot workout, it wouldn't be that hard. OH MY!! There was dancing, pilates and yoga moves, and hiit type moves. My heart rate stayed up the entire time like it does for Jazzercise class. There were a couple moves I wasn't able to do so I followed the modifier but overall I was pleased that I could keep up with her. My body-specifically my butt and legs-were VERY sore for about 3 days after. It was a great workout and I will be doing it again!!

This Dvd retails for $19.99 and can be found here:

Michelle Dozois, creator of the award winning Peak 10 Fat Loss System, is excited to announce her new and innovative total condition program. BodyFit 360. Drawing from her extensive background in dance, fitness and gymnastics, Michelle has created a cutting edge, body-weight and dance-conditioning workout for those looking for a new and challenging way to feel strong, flexible, lean and fit.
Michelle’s unique use of musical movement sequencing will help you groove, flow, jump and move in 360 degrees of motion. Each exercise series is carefully designed to increase your heart rate and burn calories while improving both your overall strength and flexibility. You’ll finish feeling energized, balanced and centered while reshaping your body at the same time.
BodyFit 360 will help you develop long, lean muscle, increase flexibility, increase your strength, increase stamina and feel great.
Michelle Dozois is the creator of the Peak 10 and the Peak 10 System, which have helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their lives both in the health club environment as well as at home.
Michelle is a former National and World Aerobic Champion, a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, group exercise instructor and licensed Sports Nutrition coach. She is the owner of the premier health club, Breaththru Fitness in Pasadena, California and a mom of two wonderful children.

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