Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stay fit during the Holidays! Starting a new 4 week challenge tomorrow with Chris Freytag.

I posted last week that I've been discouraged and have not been able to find a workout program that I've stuck with in the last month due to injury and/or program being too advanced.

So I decided to go thru my exercise dvd stash to find a program that I've done before, and that it be a shorter 4-6 week program to stay in shape during the holidays.

Introducing the program I'm starting tomorrow:
10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme
by Chris Freytag

Have you heard of it? It's been around for at least a year or so.
Here's the description:

Lose up to 10 pounds in 28 days. Are you ready? With Chris Freytag's Slimdown Xtreme DVD Program, you can make it happen! It packs body cardio, yoga, and core workouts--as well as recovery routines and a healthy eating guide--into four intensive weeks to help you achieve your workout goals. From Chris Fretyag.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.

Includes DVD set of six extreme 40-minute workouts, five 20-minute recovery workouts, and two bonus 10-minute workouts; better eating guide; workout plan; and measuring tape
Made in USA

I will be following the 4 week Xtreme calendar which is here:

You can get more info and purchase the program here for $39.99:

Chris Freytag is a phenomenal fitness trainer!! I have many of her dvds including this program and her original 10 pound slimdown (which is included in the xtreme workouts). I would highly recommend her workouts to anyone!

Check out amazon for a listing of several of her workout dvds here:

As always, I will post weekly recaps about this challenge here on my blog and daily posts on my Instagram page. I hope you will join me in this 4 week Xtreme Challenge so we can stay fit during the holidays!

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