Friday, May 31, 2013

April Bulu weight loss box and May Bulu box product reviews

April Bulu weight loss Box 
(got free box code from Chris Freytag facebook page)

*Chris Freytag 30 min today body HIIT workout dvd
"Fitness Pro and fellow Bulugan Chris Freytag leads you through his high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Melt away the pounds and improve your cardiovascular fitness with this 30 min workout." 
My thoughts: I have many and love all of Chris Freytag's workouts!! That was the sole reason I got this box!! Tough but doable workout! I love her enthusiasm!! 

*Click espresso protein drink
"Your morning coffee will wallow in shame. Click contains appetitute curbing protein, 23 essential vitamins and minerals and two shots of espresso. It's the perfect combo of flavor, protein and energy to ensure a healthy start to a productive day."
My thoughts: I don't use anything with caffeine, so I gave this product away without trying it. 

*Real Good Barre
"Created by two pro dancers searching for energy and substance to get through recital days. Real Barre is made with all natural ingredients-none of those additives we can't pronounce. At about 200 calories per bar, Real Barre is sure to be your guilt free, go to snack!"
My thoughts: I tried the dark chocolate cherry kind and it was really good! Alot thicker than I'm use to, but really good for a protein bar!! I will probably order a box online. 

*EBoost natural energy
"If you'd rather stick your hand in a tarantula cage than drink a calorie and sugar loaded energy drink, that EBoost is your solution! EBoost Natural Energy has no sugar and provides lasting energy with a vitamin boost for a healthy immune system. 
My thoughts: Gave this to my husband to try. Haven't heard back on how he liked it, so thats not promising. 

*ONNIT shroom tech sport
"Utilized by professional athletes in many disciplines, Shroom Tech Sport is a great way to get natural, clean ATP energy with no jitters or crash. A revolutionary pre workout sure to get you fired so you can burn more calories and shed pounds." 
My thoughts: Again, this product has caffeine, so I gave it to my husband to try this week. He said he didn't notice any difference with taking it two different times. 

*Dr Denese self tanning glove
"Give yourself a natural looking tan and look instantly slimmer with these self tanning gloves. unlike other self tan products, theses no yucky smell or stickiness!"
My thoughts: Still haven't used this yet. I'm not big on self tanners because my legs look "dirty". 

I'm glad I only paid shipping for this box since I only got 2 things I can use from this box-the Barre and Dvd!! 

May Bulu Box
 (got free code from girls gone sporty facebook)

*Fit n crisp bar
“Make a healthy snack decision-reach for a Fit N’ Crisp by Promax. Only 140 calories, 13g of protein and 0 artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, it’s your perfect quell to the sugar craving storm inside.”
My thoughts: Tried a couple bites-it has the texture and feel of a rice crispy treat but very weird after taste. Couldn't bring myself to even eat half of it! ugh! 

*Plantiva AllerDx
"Boost your immune systems’ tolerance to the environment around you. By strengthening kidney health and calming over-active liver function, AllerDX calms histamine reactions and improves nasal airflow. Best part, it works in minutes!”
My thoughts: Gave this to my husband to try this week because he has worse allergy problems than me. Said he didn't notice any difference with taking these pills. Won't be trying them again. 

*Fitmixer Amino
“ Give your muscles fuel to burn longer and build stronger. By increasing nitric oxide production, the delicious Tri-Flow Amino Blend reduces fatigue and improves your muscle recovery.”
My thoughts: Will be trying this tomorrow before my 5k race. Will let you know how I like it! 

*Neocell beauty bursts
“A burst of nutrients with a gush of flavor. Collagen Types 1 and 3, found in NeoCell Beauty Bursts, promote smoother, more radiant skin, hair & nails. Try both super fruit punch and fresh mint chocolate. Treat yourself t0 delicious taste AND beautiful skin.”
My thoughts: Will be trying this tomorrow after my 5k race. Will let you know how I like it! 

*Artisana superfood nut butter
“Already love the delicious and nutritious taste of cashew butter? Now with 5 different superfood additives, Artissana Superfood Nut Butter is a perfect appetite suppressing snack for your taste buds and your body. Take control of your appetite and feel full longer.”
My thoughts: Haven't tried this yet. Hoping to try soon as a snack. 

*Online JCORE workout (20 mins)
"Join Jay Cardiello, celebrity fitness trainer and Shape Fitness Editor at Large, on this 40 day journey based on Rapid Muscle Response training to get in the best shape of your life in just 20 min/day, 4 days/week, using no weights or equipment. Try one workout free at .
My thoughts: I would rather have a dvd than an upload. I tried to watch this tonight, and my computer connection kept freezing! I can't do a workout properly if the video stream doesn't flow continuously. 

I'm glad I only paid shipping for this box also. 

I had decided to try two different Bulu Boxes with two different months so I could hopefully do a more positive product review. 
As you can see, I am SO not impressed!! Cancelled both subscriptions and not looking back.

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