Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Product review for "Total Body Balance" dvd with Jessica Smith

So I am officially done with 3 months of my TurboFire workouts!! Whoohooo!!!
I will be posting a recap and pictures about my experience here on my blog later this week.
In the mean time, I decided to start going through my "stash" of workout programs and start doing personal reviews on them.
***I have bought all of my dvd programs, so all opinions and thoughts will be my own and from my own workout experiences. ***
Today I wanted to do a
Product Review for "Total Body Balance" workout dvd with Jessica Smith
Here is the write up:
A body in balance is a body that feels as good as it looks! This series of routines designed by certified instructor Jessica Smith will help you create a well-rounded program that can be done on its own, or coupled with other additional workouts you may enjoy doing. Remember, fitness should be fun! Find movement that you love and that makes you feel good, and you'll never have to "work" out again. So, kick off your shoes and let's have fun getting fit!
Workout include (sessions are all approximately 20 minutes):
Cardio Flow -- This flowing, feel-good cardio session combines various styles of movement -- all done barefoot for maximum freedom and energy flow.
Sole Sculpt -- Sculpt everything from your head down to the soles of your feet with this barefoot sculpting routine that never stops moving to elevate your heart rate while you strengthen and define your entire body. This low-impact session can be done in a small space with a set of lightweight dumbbells or just your own bodyweight.
Core Stretch -- Build flexibility and core strength with this targeted series of stretches and core work to help you improve your posture. Do it at the end of a workout or on its own for a stretching session that's sure to leave you feeling a little taller and lighter.
Cardio Dance Sculpt - Grab a sturdy chair for this dance-inspired, total body cardio toning session. And not to worry, even if you have two left feet you can keep up with these simple, but fun, moves!
Last week I did the Cardio Dance Sculpt.
I grabbed my office chair which has wheels and was doable for this workout, but next time I will use a sturder chair!! I loved this workout-wish there were more "moves" with using the chair though but overall I liked the flow and dancy/ballet moves. According to my polar ft7 heart rate monitor I burned 149 calories in 21 mins.
Yesterday I did the Cardio Flow and then the Sole Sculpt.
First let me say, that I LOVED that they filmed this dvd outdoors. I love the brightness and clear openess feeling-it makes me happy to workout while seeing it. Jessica has a helper with her for both of these workout who show you harder moves. I followed Jessica because it was challenging enough for me. I loved that these workouts were done barefoot. Some days I just want to skip my workout sneakers, and yesterday was one of those mornings!! I felt very "elegant" and "flowy" doing the cardio flow dvd and was able to keep up with what  she was doing. She talks through out the whole workout which has never bothered me and helps to cue whats coming up next and demonstrates how to do the moves properly. I burned 120 calories in 21 mins.
Next I did the Sole sculpt using my 5 pound dumbells. Towards the end my arms were getting tired and some of the moves felt awkward for me, so instead of moving my feet and arms at the same time, I just moved my arms so I would still be getting a good strength workout. I burned 113 calories in 22 mins. 
I have NOT been able to do the Core stretch yet which is also on this dvd, but I have done other stretch workouts with Jessica Smith so I'm sure this workout is effective like her other ones.
Overall, I really liked this dvd and will be doing back to it again in the near future!! Check out the links below to find out more about her videos-both for sale and free!!
***She also has a summer challenge coming up next week, so look for details about that!***
You can buy the dvd here on amazon:

You can also find FREE full length workout videos on youtube from JessicaSmithTV:

And check her out on facebook here:


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