Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Race for Open Space-5K Recap (#7 out of 13 races in 2013)

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to do my 7th race this year. Its called "Race for Open Space" and the funds went to the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy. The race was about 30 minutes away from me in Salem at Green Hill Park. It is such a beautiful huge park!! I've done this particular race two previous years and it's one of my favorites because of the location and cause.
I was able to get a free race entry for myself in exchange for a blog posts and facebook postings about the upcoming event. The race event website is here:

My 11 year old son and I got there about 8:00am to check in. The lines were short so it went fast. We had time to go to the bathroom, take pictures, and stretch before they started at 8:30.
They started the 5k race at 8:30 and then the 3K family race at 9:00.

My son wanted to run ahead and stay at his own pace but unfortunately he misunderstood the end lap of the race and didn't know to do a second lap. It clocked him out at the 3k mark, not the 5k so he was so upset and disappointed about being disqualified. I also found the end of the race confusing and the only reason I knew to do a second lap as because someone had told me they messed up last year too. I hope they will put signs up and have their volunteers do a better job letting people know. :-(

About half of the race was on a narrow trail in the woods and the other part was running thru open grass and trails. It was so beautiful but hot!! It was 74 by the time we finished running that morning. I tried to keep up with a running/walking ratio, but honestly I do better with speed walking with light bursts of jogging because of my breathing and lungs. I just can't seem to get stronger with my breathing. I ended up staying with this woman named Sherry throughout the whole race towards the back of the line. It was alot of fun to talk and run with her. We both kept each other going and made it to the end of the race together.  (I did not post a picture of us together to respect her privacy but it was nice to meet a new friend!)

I always have two goals with running a race: to finish the race and not be last! I was pleased with my time-under 45 minutes and I placed 89/96 people. So I wasn't last-woot woot!! :-)

At the end of the race they had snacks, water and homestead creamery ice cream which was AWESOME!! They did a really good job with providing nice snacks and hydration for the runners. We didn't stay for the ending ceremonies because my son had to get ready for his baseball game.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to run this race and will probably do it again next year. It's a cheap race and for a good cause, so hopefully every year they will get bigger and better to help them with their funding!!

Enjoy the pictures below!!  

Checking in


After the race!! 

The finish line

Table of snacks, water and ice cream!! 

My personal stats from Polar heart rate monitor 

My runkeeper app stats

My medium shirt I got for running this race


  1. What an awesome cause and a great run to do with your son!!

  2. Thanks for the great review and constructive feedback. We hope to see you again next year!

    David Perry