Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 6 recap of P90x3 with journal entries and pictures

Started week 6 this week!! 

WEEK 6 P90x3 Classic workout schedule: 
Monday: Eccentric Upper
Tuesday: Triometrics
Wednesday: X3 Yoga
Thursday: Eccentric Lower
Friday: Incinerator
Saturday: MMX
Sunday: Rest day or Dynamix


I should be following the Plan B 1800 calories per day BUT talked to my BB coach and I will be going back down to 1500-1600 calories per day since I'm not seeing any weight loss. :-( 

Breakfast: 2P, 3C, 1F

Am Snack: 2C, 2F
Lunch: 1P, 3C, 1F
PM Snack: 1P, 2C
Dinner: 2P, 2C, 2F
P=Protein servings per meal
C=Carb servings per meal
F=Far servings per meal

Journal Entries for Week 6:

Monday February 10:

Tuesday February 11:

Wednesday February 12:
Logged half of my food today. 
Did 30 minutes of outside snow shoveling... not the smartest thing at 10:30pm at night but I was worried about my hubby getting home from work and getting into the garage. We are about to get LOTS of snow over the next 2 days-whoohoo!!  

Thursday February 13:
Did Eccentric Lower this morning for 33 minutes. Did not wear my HRM. I love using the weights for this workout. It felt so good to get back to exercising!! My toddler joined me since we are all at home today. 
Also did another 30-45 minutes of snow shoveling later in the day. No food logging today. 

Friday February 14:
Did Incinerator for 32 minutes burning 209 calories according to my HRM. My toddler joined me again.. he loves doing the P90x3 workouts with either myself or my hubby. We both especially love this workout because we use the Lebert Equalizer bars and hand weights and push up stands. He did the entire workout from start to finish with me. He is amazing-I'm so proud of him!! 
Also did a 10 minute Chris Freytag "Get your body back" workout called Fat Blast Intervals-burned 121 calories in only 11 minutes-worked my butt off!! No food logging today. 

Saturday February 15:
Did Eccentric Upper this morning since I've missed doing it the last 2 mondays. It was a good workout-I like Eccentric Lower better though. I burned 151 calories in 32 minutes. My toddler was feeling sick again so I had him lay on the couch and watch me inside of exercising. We have all been sick the last 2 weeks and can't seem to get better. (congestion, headaches stuffy nose, runny nose, cough etc) argh! 
Then did a Barre workout dvd from a collection I got from QVC. I really liked it!! Will do a separate blog post about my barre workouts. I burned 209 calories in 48 minutes. I used 1 lb hand weights, yoga strap, lebert equalizer bars, barre ball and yoga mat. 

Sunday February 16:
Rest Day

Week 6 pictures from this week: 

I'm ready to start a great week 7 and hopefully won't miss any workouts!! 

how did you stay active all last week? Did you get lots of snow? 

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