Sunday, February 16, 2014

WEEK 2 of "Move Nourish Believe" February Blogger Challenge by #LornaJane and #SweatPink

Just finished week 2 of the Lorna Jane Blogger Challenge!

Week Two: Nourish 
2/10: Go Meatless – Skip meat today! Try vegetarian/vegan meals.
2/11: TYLTW! – Take Your Lunch to Work today! Choose a recipe to inspire your packed lunch!
2/12: Write it down! – Journal your food today and share your WIAW with us!
2/13: Smoothie Day! – Happy Thirsty Thursday! Make a healthy smoothie today!
2/14: Go Raw Friday! – Choose a recipe from and go raw!
*Recap your week in a blog post!  
Here's how it works:

1. Each day throughout the month there is a new challenge. Conquer the daily challenges and post a picture of yourself doing so on Twitter or Instagram. Tag @LornaJaneActive & @FitApproach along with #mnbchallenge #sweatpink #lornajane

2. At the end of each week, recap your successes on your blog and/or Facebook page. Each blog post equals five bonus entries! Share the blog post on Twitter and tag @LornaJaneActive & @FitApproach.

The winner of the entire challenge will receive a $1000 shopping spree to Lorna Jane!!
**In order to win the $1000 shopping spree, you MUST participate in all 21 of the daily photo challenges.

Check in on the Facebook event for the daily challenges and inspirational graphics that you can share with your friends & family to get everyone moving, nourishing, an believing!

Post any questions you may have about the Move Nourish Believe lifestyle to the Facebook event here:

Here are my pictures I posted for the challenge 
on Instagram and Twitter this week: 

This week was more challenging for me because I always need help with my nutrition, but it was fun and it kept me more on task! 

Ready for week 3 to start tomorrow! :-) 

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