Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review of Leslie Sansone NEW Just Walk 5 Mega Miles and upcoming Leslie October Challenge

I bought this new Leslie Sansone dvd last month at walmart (it was released in August) and I did all the miles but at different times over a week period. So last night I decided to do the entire dvd from start to finish so I could take pictures and do a blog review on it.

The Dvd was released last month and is pictured below. It comes with one resistance band. I'm not sure what the weight of the band is but it doesn't seem that "heavy". 

Chapters of the dvd. You can play the full workout or pick individual miles. 
you can also choose to "play with music only" so you don't hear Leslie talking. 
I personally don't mind her talking so I just do the play full workout option. 

Mile 1-classic low impact. No bands used. 

Mile 2-walk and tone. The band is used for this mile. 
I did not wear gloves like they did in the dvd, but its always nice to have them. 

Mile 3-speed intervals. No band used. 
I like her dvds that use speed intervals because I like the jogging aspect and getting my heart rate up a little more. 

Mile 4-strength intervals. Band is used for this one. 

Mile 5-ab walk. No bands. 

My Overall thoughts: 
  • The music is good (not great)-just music though, no words. I'm glad they have updated their music selection for the past couple of years of dvds. Her older ones (which I do love also) have more "elevator music". 
  • Price is good-check out walmart or amazon. Love that they included the band even though I have a million bands already. 
  • I got a time of 81:35 for the dvd. 3 min warm up, 15 min miles for mile 1-5 and 3 min cool down. She has a timer on the screen counting down from 10 minutes for every mile, which is helpful so you know how much longer you have for that mile. 
  • She has all her basic moves and some new ones including the Cha cha, shifting and skater. She has alot of hand movement which is great to keep the heart rate up. If you can't do all the shifting around or new moves, just walk in place instead of hurting yourself or trying to keep up. This is a faster pace walking dvd. 
  • I did not feel like there was enough stretching at the end during or after the cool down so I had to do more stretching on my own.  

I got an email last night that Leslie is doing a 30 day twitter challenge. See the email below. 
Will you be doing this too?? 
My twitter name is Rdevaughn4 if you want to do participate in this challenge with me. 

Join us!  Leslie is leading a 30-day Walk it Off Challenge!  Kicking off on TwitterTues. Oct. 1st...don't miss!
***No Fans excluded***
We'll follow up on the Walk at Home blog and Facebook with all the challenge details, though you won't want to miss Leslie live on Twitter every step of the way!

"Hey my walking friends...part of this 30 Day Plan will be to include Walking sessions and Strength Training exercises! All you need to do is plan for approx. 30 to 40 minutes each day through October.  I will TWEET weekly workout details every Sunday so we can plan our week together! I will be on Twitter coaching you every day!
***Please friends, always know, you Do NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE anything, just follow along and have fun!
However...if you choose to use the DVD's, I will offer suggestions for our Walk DVDs and Strength Training accessories."
***This Sunday the first weekly assignment will be posted!"

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  1. That looks like a great way to motivate me through October. With my half being on the 13th I was worried about keeping the motivation after it. Thanks for the review and I just might join the challenge. =)