Friday, September 6, 2013

Handana product review and GIVEAWAY!!

Handana® is a better way to beat the sweat!
Our reinvented sports wristbands are made of soft, durable, SupplexTM LycraTM fabric allowing you to wipe and wick away sweat and nasal drip that’s getting in the way of your activities. For men and women of all fitness level across a variety of sports, Handana handles the sweat so you can focus on your finish line.

Here is a video to explain more about the product:

Our Product

Handana® is a high performance sweatband for running and sports.

It’s made of soft, durable wicking SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that wraps around your hand allowing you to use both sides of your Handana hand to wipe sweat from your eyes, nose, neck or forehead. Your hand and fingers are completely free to keep your stride smooth, steer your bike or to open snacks and water bottles.

Swap your traditional sports wristbands and sports headbands:

Handana is perfect for athletes of any level and works for a variety of sports. Don’t be intimated to get out and exercise because you sweat! Slip on your Handana, get moving and wipe it all away. Use Handana while running, riding your bike (it fits perfectly over your cycling gloves), doing yoga or playing tennis. Getting sweaty doesn’t have to make you uncomfortable or prevent you from crossing your finish line.
  • Made of SupplexTM LycraTM fabric that is soft, durable and wicks away moisture
  • Comfortable, glove-like fit
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight, natural fit around your hand
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers and people who sweat
  • Great for running, cycling, yoga, racquet sports and more!
  • Made in the USA
I was so excited to try out this product and be able to do a giveaway on my blog! One of my followers will get a chance to win a Handana of their own!! Open to USA address only-sorry!! The winner will be notified by me and then Handana will be in contact with the winner to claim the prize. 

I got the teal/black size medium and I love the color! I've posted several pictures on my instagram page (rdevaughn4) of what it looks like so please check it out! 

I've been training for my first half marathon and I sweat alot, so as my miles of training got longer and longer; tissues weren't helping me any more. They were actually irritating my face and making it burn. I have worn my handana several times. Most recently for a 10 mile practice run and 13 mile practice run. It is definitely going with me to my half marathon next week. In fact, anytime I go outside to do any running or biking-this baby is coming with me!! I know first hand what its like to not have something nice like this to wipe the sweat off my face and I'm never going back to tissues or a rough towel. 

It is so absorbent but doesn't feel gross or wet on my hand. It didn't sting or irritate my eyes or face. I have washed it after every use and hung dry and it has kept its original form and washed well. 
I can't say enough great things about this product!! 
Please check out their facebook page and website for a list of their products and specials. 

In fact-this is the most current post from Handana-25% off orders ONLY THRU THIS MONDAY SEPT 9th so act fast!! and make sure to enter my giveaway below and pass it on to your friends! 
Our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SALE is on! SAVE 25% on all orders today through Monday at Just enter 'thanku' in the coupon section.
Thank YOU loyal FANDANAS for making our first year such a huge success. We have been inspired by all of you who have crossed your finish line in life and are empowering others to do the same!
Sale runs from 11:00AM CST today thru Monday 4PM.

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  1. I connot believe more people are not entering! I would love to win one- I wear my one (blue and black) all the time! I would love a red and white one or red /black!

    Maryalicia Verdecchia

  2. I have been wanting one of these for awhile, and honestly, I don't even care what it looks like. They are ALL so cute!

  3. I'm always a fan of pink or green!