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Timeless Romance Anthology Collections-review of newest European collection and others by Heather Moore

A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection

MY REVIEW: (November 2013)
**War of Hearts by Annette Lyon: I found this story really hard to get into. I'm not sure why because I love this author and her books but I wasn't drawn to this story. Its about a girl Anna who went to cover the winter war in Finland as a journalist and reunites with a ex boyfriend. 

**The Earl of Oaksey Takes a Wife by GG Vandagriff: I liked this story. It was like a tragic, misunderstanding love story. Melissa thinks her husband only married her for her money and is determined to shut him out, but gets really sick. 

**Gift of Love by Michele Paige Holmes: This story was SO good!! It was a tragic, mystery, romance! I loved it! The author was able to weave a believable mini mystery in the short time allotted and still created a great story with an unbelievable ending!! Amelia marries Ethan to take care of his daughter only to find out shes wife number 4! One of my favorites of this collection! 

**A Lesson in Love by Sarah Eden: This was a cute, funny read. Lucy and Reed get married only to discover they have different views about attending social events, which leads to family drama and the extended families trying to interfere and "help" them. Very funny and loved how they worked out their differences in the end.  

**An Ocean Away by Heather Moore: This was also a humorous, light, romantic read! Gina is an adventurous reader who would rather climb things and hide out to read, than go to social events with her parents. Until she meets the handsome Edmund who does not make a good impression with her parents. Very cute story and made me laugh alot. 

**What Happens in Venice by Nancy Campbell Allen: This was a good drama, mini mystery. Evangeline has to endure her stepfather and 2 step sisters until she meets a fellow painting lover in Venice- Conte Bellini. I liked that she was a strong character that could take care of herself and stand up for herself regardless of the circumstances. It was like a mini Cinderella story.   

This collection can be found here: 


A Timeless Romance Anthology: Autumn Collection

MY REVIEW: (October 2013)

**A Hound Dog Named Elvis: Cute story with Kaitlin and Joshua and their two dogs. Obviously the author/characters in this book love Elvis. It was cute but not one of my favorite stories.    

**Eye for an Eye: This was intriguing-I really enjoyed this one about Mallory and her struggles and being accused of drugs by her family.

**In First Heist: LOVED this one because it has the same characters (Omar and Mia) from Finding Sheba and Beneath. Thrilling mystery read!!  

**Letter for Two: I love the Sophia and Ethan mail romance and how its obvious they like each other but they are both too shy. So cute they solved a little mail mystery together!!

**Silver Cascade Secrets: This was a GREAT mini mystery!! Kept me intrigued the whole time and wondering who to trust and who would hurt Jillian. Loved this one! 

**Chocolate Obsessed: This was a really cute romantic read. I love that they were both competing chefs but because of the competition and misunderstandings they couldnt get along.

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Summer Wedding Collection

MY REVIEW: (July 2013)
I have read the winter collection, spring vacation collection and now this one-the Summer wedding collection.
This collection consisted of:
Love Bytes by Melanie Jacobson;
Romeo and Julie-Ex by Julie Wright;
The Meltdown Match by Rachael Anderson;
Golden Sunrise by Annette Lyon;
Tide Pools by Heather Moore; and
A Regular Bloke from Stanmore by Sarah M. Eden.
I read all 5 short stories and I liked each one individually-I was trying to remember which one I liked the best, and honestly I can't pick a favorite because they were all well written and each story was different.
Heather Moore's book "Tide Pools" was about Lexi who visits Hawaii for a friends wedding and meets a wonderful guy named David but he happens to have a girlfriend! Of course it all works out in the end!!
All of these stories are a quick romantic read-would recommend!! Wonderful group of authors!!

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Spring Vacation Collection 

MY REVIEW: (February 2013)
I love this second book of mini stories Spring Vacation Collection. The stories are long enough to introduce characters and have a plot but short enough for a fun one evening read. I am familiar with several of the authors in this collection, and their stories do not disappoint!
I really liked Heather Moores, "Picture Perfect" story. Its book two of her "Aliso Creek Novella" series, but the books don't have to be read together or even in order to get to know the characters. I was a little surprised with the steamier kissing scenes because I'm use to very clean christian fiction books, but there wasn't any sex scenes so it was still clean reading! I loved the little romance story and triangle with Gemma. I won't give the end of the story away, but it will leave you saying "awwww, that was a great ending!"

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection

MY REVIEW: (October 2012)
Loved this short story collection. I was only familiar with one author out of the six-Heather Moore-but everyone did a fantastic job!!
Curl up on the couch with your kindle and enjoy reading short stories from women from another time period. I personally love reading books set in another time period and reading what was "scandelous" behavior back in the day. Each story drew me in with the characters and drama. I love romantic feel good stories!
Reading each short story made me wanting more from that author-so I will now be looking up other books by these authors.
Great collection ladies and at a great ebook price!! oh, It would be great if this was published into paperback and not just a kindle version.

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