Saturday, January 5, 2013

100 pound loser by Jessica Heights-book review

I was given this book for review and I just loved it!! I wanted to share my thoughts about it and how you can buy it for yourself!!

First, just the name of the book is so inspiring!!
 "100 pound loser. How I ate what I wanted, had 4 babies, and finally took control of my weight-and you can too!!" 
Isn't that just the greatest title?
It's a short read-about 30 pages and 12 chapters. Jessica is very clear in her book that she has NOT had any formal training in nutrition, exercise, medicine etc. She is simply a wife and mother who has lost alot of weight after having babies, kept it off and makes good choices every day.

Let me share with you what she says in her introduction:
I wrote this because I'm just like you. 
I wrote this because I've been where you are...
I wrote this because I've done it...
I want you to know you're not alone... 

I love that this short book is practical and down to earth. She doesn't get all preachy about all these awesome things that she has accomplished, thus making a reader feel bad and inadequate to do what shes done. She shares practical advice and suggestions on many different topics through out her book. For example, she shares about her struggles with taking care of her 4 children at home and not having personal time during the day, so she makes the effort to get up at 4:30am to exercise. Because she knows exercise is important and that it needs to be done-for a persons physically and emotional well being.

I personally LOVED that she used scripture references through out her book. Basically to point out that our bodies are temples from God and that we need to take care of ourselves. She also used other inspirational quotes. On the very first page is a quote from CS Lewis that said, "We are what we believe we are."

On another personal level, I felt like I really connected with Jessica because we have so many things in common!! With both of my pregnancies I gained ALOT of weight!! 100 pounds with my first and 75 for my second. By the time I gave birth to my 2nd child in June 2010 I was over 250 pounds!!
I loved Jessica's advice about making small goals in order to accomplish success. Thats exactly what I did!! I kept hurting myself and getting discouraged because I would try to jump full force into a workout dvd. I finally just started walking 15 mins-one mile using Leslie Sansone indoor walking dvds. I worked up to 1 mile, then 2 miles, then 3 miles. I would judge my progress on being able to get through a mile without getting winded or tired. The more consistent I became, the easier it got and the pounds kept coming off!!
Now, over a year later, I'm running races, lost almost 100 pounds myself, lifting weights, logging my food daily, using a heart rate monitor, and working out 45-60 mins every day now. Again, I also started small and consistent. It doesn't happen overnight! 
I also love that Jessica says that she does not DIET! it's a lifestyle change. She makes healthy choices and eats what she wants, but she also understand that women will have cravings and trigger foods so she gives her thoughts about that, which I also agree with.
Lastly, she mentions that her "go to" at home workout is "TurboJam" by Chalene Johnson. I LOVE that workout!! That was my first 30 day program that I stayed consistent with and saw major results after I graduated from my walking dvds!! I actually did the 30 day rotation twice this past year and lost serious inches.

If you're interested in reading this book, click on this link to purchase it for only $4.99 through amazon!!

Jessica also has a great facebook page, facebook group and website...

Check her out and let me know what you when you purchase her ebook.
You won't regret this purchase because we can all use uplifting practical advice when it comes to eating and exercise.


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