Saturday, January 5, 2013

November races I did-my first 10k!!

So I know it's January already, but the holiday season went by so fast, that I haven't been able to blog about my November races!!
I did my first 10k on Saturday November 17th in downtown Roanoke. It was called the Star City 10k race-it was their first one because they typically do a half marathon. I had never done a 10k but my goal was to (1) finish without dying and (2) if possible to finish under 1 hr 30 mins.
I was really nervous about it so the weekend before I did a trial 10k run in my neighborhood. It took me longer than 1:30 but at least I was able to do it, so I felt okay about doing the race the following weekend. This was also my first race that I was alone. My running buddy-my 11 year old-was with me for my first 2 trail races and it was nice to have his company.
The weather was perfect and it wasn't too cold!! Perfect day for my first 10k!!
They had the roads closed off and helpers along the entire race route directing racers so we would know exactly where to go. That was one of my biggest fears, was that I was going to get lost and not be able to finish the race in a timely manner. They also had a couple water stations which was nice, but I had my spiffy water bottle fuel belt with me so I was all set!
My family was going to meet me later at the finish line and I was able to text them a little bit through out my race so they would be at the finish line in time to take my pics.
My hubby met me at the final loop and ran with me to the finish line. It was really nice to have his support and his help which pushed me to the finish line and the best part? I MET MY GOAL!! 1 hour 29 mins!! WHEW!! Just barely!! My 2 year old baby boy  and my parents were also there. I was so shocked and so happy that I got a medal when I finished!! It was such a great experience!! After the race, they had a great breakfast inside for the racers to warm up and eat!!

I finished!! 

My biggest fans!

I can't believe I got a medal!

Look at the calorie burn!! 

I met my goal!! 

My race route! 

Then a week later on Thanksgiving Day, my 11 year old son and I did the Turkey Dash which was also in downtown Roanoke. I took alot of pictures, but somehow when I got home, my 2 year old got ahold of my iphone and deleted most of them. I was devastated but at least I have a couple to share!
It was pretty cold that morning and there were TONS of people who showed up for this family race!! Even though they had many groups (runners, walkers, runners with strollers, runner with pets, etc) there were too many people than what I like, so I probably won't do it again. I was worried the whole time that I was going to get trampled or lose sight of my son. We ended in pretty good time and Stevens dad met us at the finish line to take our pictures. I am so proud of my son that he is able to keep a good consistent pace with me through out the entire race!!

Before the race at home. 

At the finish line 

My calorie burn!

My stats

With every race, I feel myself getting stronger and having less shin split and asthma problems!! I was so pleased with my race efforts in 2012!

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