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Vitacost products review! ARO, Hydroxycut, FitMiss protein... LONG review with pictures!

Last month I joined a VitaCost Bloggers Facebook group referred to me by my sweatpink ambassadorship. I was so excited to join this small group (less than 100) and was told we could pick as many items as we wanted to review. They posted about 75 pictures of items, so I went through each one and picked out a bunch of stuff that I and my family could personally use.
The next thing I know, the group went from less than 100 to almost 500 people that week because they opened it to the public. And then they changed the rules to requesting a set number of products and then they changed it again to a requesting a set price value of products.
I'm sharing this because although I am always grateful to try new products for product reviews, I do not like being told about a blogger opportunity that I thought was exclusive to my sweatpink ambassadorship program; and that the company changed the rules of requesting items after the fact because the group got too big. ESPECIALLY since I was specifically told there was no limit and could request anything and everything I wanted that was posted for product review picks. They emailed me to tell me they had a $60 product limit and would go thru my list that I submitted and pick and choose for me what they would send. That pretty much took the excitement out of what I had originally thought I would be getting for product reviews...
Below is my instagram picture of what I received from Vitacost for free for product review purposes about 5 weeks ago.     

ARO-Vitacost Creatine Raw Unflavored -- 5 g - 1.1 lb (500 g)
"enhances muscle performance during high intensity exercise"
Attack - Recover - Optimize
Quality ingredients. Real results.
Get ripped, without getting ripped off.
Gave this to my husband to use for his P90x workouts. He likes that its unflavored so he can add it to whatever liquid he wants to make smoothies. He doesn't taste anything and it mixes up nicely. I personally didn't want to take something that may add "bulk" to my body! ;-)
Promax Fit 'n Crisp Protein Snack Cinnamon Crunch -- 12 Bars
•  High in Protein
•  Crispy Treat Texture
•  Peanut Free Snack
•  13g Protein
•  140 Calories
•  3g Fat
•  Naturally Flavored, Cinnamon, Crispy Treat
I've eaten a couple of these and they are okay... they taste kind of sugary and gritty so I don't plan on buying these. I would be interested in trying another flavor though because I don't like strong cinnamon tastes and they do offer other flavors.
Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Hydroxycut™ Wild Berry -- 21 Packets
• Lose More Weight than Dieting Alone
• Significantly Reduce BMI
• Increase Energy
• Zero Sugar 
I REALLY like these!! In fact, I went online to Vitacost about 2 weeks ago and ordered 2 more boxes since they were on sale. I like that it tastes good and that I can add it to my cold water. I don't relaly like or remember to take pills. I find that I do eat less in the afternoons after I drink this! 
 The only thing I DONT like is the obvious red dye :-( Hoping they come out with another packet flavor to add to water free of dyes or at least no red dyes.
(2) Homemade Dressings French Garden Salad Dressing Mix and Rub -- 3.6 oz 
Homemade Dressings French Garden is a blend of herbs and spices, including tarragon and dill, that bring out the wonderful flavors found in French cooking.  Use your favorite ingredients to make salad dressings, marinades, dry rub and more just for you.
• 100% Natural
• No Sugar Added
• Gluten Free
• Makes Eight - 8
I don't know why they sent me 2 of the same flavor when I requested different flavors but oh well. We've added this mix to salad and chicken and macaroni salad so far. I use it like I would use my "mrs dash" seasoning. I really like it. I would get more of these seasonings when they are on sale.
Vitacost Multi-Vitamin Gummies for Kids -- 150 Gummies
Fun, yummy gummies for kids! Naturally flavored and colored with fruit and vegetable concentrates—not chemicals!
Gave these to my kids to try today. I like that it doesn't have any dyes-my youngest can't have anything with red dye including vitamins and medicine so I was very excited to find this!
Method Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash - Magnolia with Aloe Vera -- 18 fl oz
 Naked Is Natural
Naked is natural. It's pure. It's undisguised. Just like this body wash. Which is packed with naturally derived moisturizers without any dirty stuff, like parabens, phthalates or EDTA. Leaving your birthday suit soft, clean and party ready.
Haven't tried this yet but its in the bathroom for our whole family to try. I'm super sensitive to body washes and they typically make my skin break out so I'll be curious to see what happens to my skin when I try it this weekend.
Even though I was seriously ticked off about the whole "changing of the blogging rules and product reviews" from the VitaCost blogger facebook group; I did go online to look at more of their products this month and did purchase stuff on my own (so these things below were NOT sent to me for free for blog review).
I found they offer a lot of great sales and the shipping is not expensive and is super fast!!   

I ordered the ARO™ Whey Protein Complex Plus – Performance & Recovery* in natural vanilla
20 grams of pure protein
Natural vanilla flavor – great taste!
With more than 4.5 grams of BCAAs, plus MCTs, fiber, vitamins & minerals
Promotes optimal workout performance*
Helps maintain lean muscle mass*
Helps promote muscle recovery from sports activities*
 I haven't tried it yet, but I typically mix my protein powders with water and frozen fruit after my workouts.

ARO™ Pre-Workout Concentrate – Natural Fruit Punch Flavor, 30 servings
With 1.5 grams of premium CarnoSyn® beta-alanine
Exclusive herbal blend -- ginkgo, guarana, green coffee bean, yerba mate and more
Energy boost from pure caffeine*
Antioxidant polyphenols from green tea*
1,000 mg of creatine monohydrate
Great-tasting, refreshing drink – easy to mix!
Natural flavor – no artificial colors or dyes
This is LIQUID GOLD for me!! This is the first time I've tried a PRE workout drink and I'm 2 weeks into my half marathon race training so this has helped me ALOT!! I typically get up at 6am to workout on an empty stomach, but halfway thru my workouts (especially as the workouts get longer in length) I feel so tried and fatigued!! I've tried this 2 or 3 times this week and I feel great and more energized!! I'm really sensitive to caffeine and products, so I was pleasantly surprised I did not have any issues or jitteriness or headaches from this. I used a scoop with ice water. They also offer other flavors.
Last week when I ordered this from Vitacost, if I bought 2 ARO products, they were discounted more and I got a free ARO large tshirt. :-)  

FitMiss Delight™ Women's Premium Healthy Nutrition Shake Strawberries N' Cream -- 1.15 lbs
High Protein / Low Calorie
Use as a Meal or Healthy Snack
Curb Your Hunger for Hours
Eat Less.
Feel Fuller.
Lose Weight.
Finally. A nutrition shake for WOMEN that satisfies hunger while providing real results. FitMiss Delight brings a full day's essential nutrients with quality calories and delivers optimal levels of protein, digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The source of this natural goodness is a unique blend of fruits and vegetables. The protein mix contains whey isolate protein that digests and absorbs rapidly, along with the newest weight-loss innovation. Solathin®. This vegetable-based protein helps you feel full faster. The gluten-free balance of carbohydrates, fats, and high-quality proteins provide sustained energy and appetite satisfaction. Drink FitMiss Delight every day - you'll feel more satisfied, and lose weight! This combination of healthy ingredients works together synergistically to provide nutritional support for lean muscle tissue, fat loss and increasing energy.
I mixed this with water, frozen blueberries and banana and it was good! I may need to take my lactaid pill the next time I drink it though because I noticed my stomach was a little uneasy afterwards. I like that they offer a strawberry flavor instead of the typical vanilla and chocolate.
I've also ordered other FitMiss products because I've been seeing a lot of sales and pictures on their instagram and facebook feeds. I love that their products are made for women!
Overall, I'm really pleased with the quality and selection that offers. I love that they have sales and cheap but FAST shipping!! In fact, as I'm writing this review, my husband called to say that I got another vitacost box in the mail! :-)

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