Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pretty Muddy & partnership with MyFitU !!

As some of you know, I was selected earlier this year to be a blogger for "Pretty Muddy" which is an all women's obstacle race!! You can check out specifics about the race here:

I'm personally signed up for the one in Richmond VA the end of September.

Yesterday on Facebook they made this announcement:

Pretty Muddy Ladies, have you ever looked at a picture of Kenny Chesney's abs and wondered what his secret was? We won't lie, we have.
Well, have we got news for you! Kenny Chesney's personal trainer Daniel Meng has come on board as Pretty Muddy's Official Online Training Partner!!!
Through his unique all in one training website,
not only will you be able to prepare for your Pretty Muddy, but you will have a one stop fitness and health tool literally at your fingertips!
Check out My FitU today, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!
Since I'm a Pretty Muddy blogger, I've been offered the chance to try MyFitU for free for the next 3 months!! I'm so excited!!
I went to the website: and did "sign up now". I signed up for 3 months which is a value of $54.00.
Anyone can sign up for a FREE 14 day trial NO CC required!!
After I signed up and entered my specific information (height, weight, exercise level and goal), I then watched a tutorial about the website features.
This is what the side toolbar looks like where you click on your different options:

This is what the profile screen tab looks like:

This is what the workout tab looks like:
It will show each day whether its a strength or cardio day, what equipment you need, and what exercise you will be doing.
If there is an exercise you don't want to do, then you click on the "swap exercise" and it will pick something else in that body group for you to do instead.
It also allows you the option to print your workouts and also view videos so you can make sure your form is correct.
 This is what the nutrition tab looks like:
I already downloaded my pdf file for the 1500 calorie meal plan.
You can search for specific recipes as well.

This is what the education tab looks like:

They also have a safety tab where you fill find video links to help with form and exercise safety.
And then lastly is the settings tab. This is where you can update or view your cc info, profile address, goals, etc.
I personally set my information to:
Exercise Level: intermediate
Goal: lose weight (which means 1500 calorie diet)
In preparation of starting this 3 month program tomorrow: I've printed off the 1500 meal plan, printed off the strength day exercise sheet for tomorrow, and the cardio exercise sheet for Friday.
I set my rest days for Saturday and Sunday.
I also swapped some exercises for tomorrow because I don't have a pull down machine or weight bench-what an awesome feature!! 
I'm so excited to start this program and can't wait to see what MyFitU can do for me over the next three months!!!
Make sure you visit the website: to sign up for your 
FREE 14 day trial-NO CC required!!
and check back with me in a couple weeks to read another blog post about how I'm doing.

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