Friday, July 12, 2013

Cover reveal from Annette Lyon for "A Portrait for Toni"

Cover reveal! Annette Lyon's NEW upcoming romance, A PORTRAIT FOR TONI, which will be out in about a month...

Her website is here:
Her blog is here:
Her facebook page is here:

I was introduced to this christian author thru another wonderful author-Heather Moore. (will do a separate blog post about her later) I am a part of Heather Moore's facebook group in which I have been able to review many books for her, subsequently also reading some of Annette Lyon's books.

I personally have read: Band of Sisters, Coming Home (sequel to Band of Sisters), Paige, and Timeless Romance Anthologies.

I have loved all the "Newport Ladies Book Club" books which included Paige by Annette Lyon and can't wait for the 2013/2014 books to be released from this series. I truly enjoyed the Band of Sisters and the sequel which I read last month. They were so "real" and "emotional". I love when books are realistic and have good and not so good endings. It makes me realize that I should be grateful for what I have in my life and my own circumstances and that even though life is not "happily ever after", its all about attitude!! :-)

Check out the links above to read more about author Annette Lyon and check out her facebook page for a change to win her new book "A Portrait for Toni". Hopefully I will win it too so I can do a blog review for you all!!


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