Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sparkle Skirts product review

As you can see from my post below, I was recently in a night trail race.
I decided it would be lots of fun to get dressed up since it was sort of a Halloween race and as I was searching, I came across SparkleSkirts on facebook!!
They are made in Florida-The USA!! I had heard great things about them on my disney priness half marathon facebook group.
Well, last saturday they had posted a picture of an awesome orange SparkleLight skirt. I thought it would be perfect for my upcoming race and also maybe even my turkey dash next month!! I immediatly emailed Leah sunday night with my size and whether she could get it mailed to me in VA by friday so I could have it for my race on Saturday 20th. I got a response on monday that yes she could and later that day even got a shipping notification!! What prompt and speedy customer service!!!!

On wednesday-2 days later-look what I got in the mail!! I was super excited and my toddler loved touching the shinny fabric!!

I was really impressed with the speedy shipping and the fact that I didn't have to pay for super fast shipping. The skirt was wrapped in nice tissue paper with a couple business cards and a hand written thank you, which was impressive.
I was also very impressed with the quality of the skirt. The black band is soft and stitched very well. It even has a mini pocket in the back for something small like a tissue, dollar bill or key. the hemming of the skirt was very nice and there didn't appear to be any loose or crooked stitching or strings. I hate getting something "hand made" and it looks like it took 5 minutes to put together and looks sloppy.
Definitely use the size chart on their website (http://www.sparkleskirts.com/) because my waist is smaller than my hips/butt. I got a size medium and it fits perfect and should even fit next year! I wish my butt wasn't so big because it would have looked better, however I feel like it was the perfect length that it would be flattering on any size body-seriously!!
On race day, I wore my sparkle skirt over top my Target racing capris.
I didn't even notice wearing this skirt during the race which means it wasn't itchy or irritating which I think is important when racing. The last thing I need is my wardrobe getting on my nerves!! It was so fun to wear and made me feel special. :-)
Overall, I give this company full stars and a big thumbs up for their customer service, fast shipping, great quality, a good prices!!
My SparkleLight skirt was $32 (usually they are $30 but the orange was considered a special edition) which isn't unreasonable for the cost of fabric and the time to make it! Plus it's made in the USA!!
I'm hoping that later on, I can buy a Sparkle Tech skirt, which has built in jogging shorts underneath that are Guarenteed not to rid up!! I can't wait to try that out!! How awesome does that sound???!!They are alot more expensive, being priced at $65 so maybe I can get one at Christmas...
Just as a side note, I was not asked to do this product review. I paid for my product and was really pleased so wanted to share this company with others! Let me know if you have tried them out and what skirt you bought.
Happy Running!!  


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