Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paige by Annette Lyon Book review

I had a chance to read this book several weeks ago. I actually read it in one night because I couldn't put it down!! :-)
This is book 3 of the Newport Ladies Book club. There are currently 4 books to this series with 4 different authors. I've reviewed the two previous released books in other blog posts and you can go to the website: for more info on the books and authors.

What I like about these books is that they can be read as a series or stand alone individually as books. So far the 3 books-Olivia, Daisy and now Paige have taken place during the same time period. Its really cool to read about some of the same events from the different womens views. I like that these books are Christian based but not preachy-just great clean fiction!

Paige is a Mormon-which none of the other ladies are not-so this particular book has more religious (specifically LDS Mormon) references. I love that this character seems realistic and has real problems that alot of women experience and face. I love that these group of women in the book all have trials but are able to help each other and use the spirit of sisterhood and service to develop their friendships in and outside the book club meetings. This book flowed and was very easy to read-like I said, I read it it one night because I couldn't put it down!! When I do book reviews, I don't like to give any specific references to what happened in the book, because I don't want to spoil it for you!

I can't wait to read book 4 "Athena" by Heather Moore which will be released to the public this month. (be looking for that book review shortly!)

and I was SUPER EXCITED to find out that the 4 authors (Heather Moore, Annette Lyon, Julie Wright and Josi Kilpack) will be writing 4 MORE books that will spotlight 4 new women and go forward in time. Which means we will find out more about Olivia, Daisy, Paige and Athenas lives!! WHOHOO!!!
Can you tell I love these books??!!
If you haven't read Paige yet, or any of the other books; check out amazon, seagull book. deseret book or anywhere else books are sold.

Here is the back of the book write up about Paige: 
After a bitter divorce from her unfaithful husband, Paige moves from Utah to California with her two little boys and vows to make a fresh start. She finds a job at a dental practice that helps her get back on her feet, but it's the friends she makes at her new book club who help her realize how strong she is and who give her support to carry on as she faces the challenges of being a single mom. She also meets Derryl, a wonderful, kind, attentive man who treats her right, something her ex never did. Yet Paige struggles to figure out who she is as a woman rather than a wife, how to help her boys adjust to a broken home, and whether she can ever trust a man or love again. As Paige leans on the book club ladies and Derryl's everpresent care, one thing becomes clear: healing from the past requires more than a change of address.

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