Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 3 recap of Chris Freytag 10 pound slimdown xtreme program plus an Instagram picture challenge!

I haven't been posting much this week because I thought my blog transition was going to take place but it hasn't been finished yet, so I apoligize it's been a little quiet! Hopefully will be ready soon!!

Week 3 of following Chris Freytag's Xtreme program fell on Thanksgiving week and although I didn't go out of town, I had a very sick 4 year old and spent alot of nights up with him. So I did the best I could with staying on schedule, or at least working out.

November 23-29, 2014 workouts:

(38) mins xtreme kickboxing, (12) mins bonus abs and stretch

(40) xtreme core, (5) xtreme total body, (30) Leslie Sansone

rest day

(20) mins Leslie Sansone (in my pjs!), (10) mins yoga and stretching. 

(30) mins Leslie Sansone stepper dvd

rest day

The week didn't go as well as I had hoped-I did so well the first two weeks of the challenge! It's hard when I'm working longer hours at work and getting up multiple times a night for several nights in a row with sick kids. Tuesday was one of those days where every workout felt blah and I couldn't get into my groove. I was excited to try a new (but way old) Leslie dvd this week that uses a stepper so that way fun to do this week. Hoping week 4 will go better! 

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