Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PV Body exercise clothes subscription-review

I am so excited to tell you about this new company I found a couple weeks ago!!
Its called

and its a monthly exercise clothes subscription!!
How cool is that??!!
I was so excited to find this company and even MORE excited when they said I could become an "abassador" and offer discounts to my friends on facebook and here on my blog. I will also get a small commission for anyone who buys through my specific link.
I did some research ahead of time because I don't want to be representing or spreading the word about a company that I don't know anything about. They are just starting up, but so far so good in regards to customer reviews.

So, How does it work??

First, click on my specific link...
1 - 2 - 3
Take the quick quiz and create a personal pv.body style profile.
Our experts will put together a personalized outfit for you.
We ship your outfit to your door for free!
So, for $49.95 every month you can get a shipment of one top and one bottom shipped to you for free!!
First, shipping is expensive, so thats awesome they aren't charging extra for that.
Second, in your profile style you indicate what sizes you wear and what kinds of workout clothes you prefer. If something doesn't fit, you can contact them and exchange it for another size!!
So, are you ready for the best part??!!
I can offer you a 20% OFF DISCOUNT on your shipment box if you click on my link above!
So the total of the box would be $39.96!!
If you have ever gone shopping for GOOD name brand exercise Tops and Bottoms, you know this is a STEAL!! What do you have to lose? You aren't tied into monthly shipments-you can cancel at anytime! You can decided to get one shipment, you can decided to get one every other month-its super easy!!
I got my first box last night, so I wanted to post pictures for you all to see what I got!!
It came in this super pink mailer envelope which is so cool because it felt like I was getting a gift and I couldn't wait to open it! My top and bottom were wrapped separately in tissue paper.
First, I opened the bottoms. They are gray size Large by American Apparel-performance sportwear collection. They are super soft and stretchy. I was kinda worried because they are "leggings" but the fit was perfect when I tried them on! Its important to me for my clothes to be form fitting when I'm exercising so I don't have to keep pulling them up around my waist. And the length was perfect-not too long which is great because alot of yoga pants and leggings are too long for me. (I'm 5 feet 4 inches)
I googled American Appearl online and found this link
which I'm pretty sure are my exact pants pictured above, and they retail for $48.00!!
Next, I opened my shirt which was by NuxUSA in size medium. The fabric again feels very soft and super stretchy! When I held it up, I seriously didn't think it would fit me. It is snug but my husband reminded me that it will fit perfect in the spring because I keep losing weight and a large would have been too big. (Isn't he sweet?)
I googled NuxUSA  and found the link to their camis and tops.
I didn't find my specific top, but its safe to say that this top retails between $50-55!
Here's some pictures of me wearing my set! I'm going to wash them and wear this week to see if they wash well and roll up or bunch while I exericse. I don't anticipate I will have any problems.
 I know in my picture it looks pretty snug, but the leggings are ment to be tight (size large) and the top (size medium) will  fit be better in the spring.

So, if you want to try out this super cool subscription notice, click on my link below to save 20%!!!
Overall, I was very pleased with the customer service, fast shipping (I got it in one week) and the quality of my pieces. I won't have to return anything and I feel like my pieces are well worth the $49.95!! Let me know if you have any problems with placing an order and I'll help! Let me know if you give them a try! Will post again when I get another box!

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