Thursday, February 9, 2012

Labels etc I can make with MyMemories Software!

We've been moving things around in our playroom and unpacking toddler toys this week. I love to organize and label things, but instead of hand writing with a sharpie on a piece of paper; I decided to go all out and make labels using My Memories software!!
I began by selecting my size-I choose landscape, then 5 1/2 x 4 1/4.
For all 3 label backgrounds, I used the kit "Fun & Games" by StoryRock.
I went very basic with these labels and the font-no frills-because I want my 19 month old to start identifying colors, letters & words. Basically I wanted these labels very easy to read.
For the Puzzles label I used the shape option to make puzzle pieces, then filled it in with the "Fun & Games" paper.
For the little people & animals I used the embellishments from "Country Boy" by Marie H Designs. 
For the cars, trucks & buses label I used the embellishments from "Boy's Toys" by CatDesignz.

When I was done, I printed them off on white cardstock so they would be thick and then trimmed around the edges.
Next I laminated the labels with contact paper.

Then I trimmed off the extra contact paper and taped the labels to the front of my sterilite toy bins. I know the tape doesnt look very nice around the label, but honestly I felt like if I put the tape on the under part of the label so it wouldn't show, the baby would just tear it off! lol-I have to always be one step ahead of him!!
The Final product-ta da!! So easy-seriously! You should try it!

I also made a chart for my 10 year old to put on the fridge to help remind him about our family play rules. The sky's the limit with using this mymemories software!! (Remember if you want to purchase this amazing product-use my special code on the right of the blog screen to save $10!!)

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  1. loving these - heres the Boys Toys link for anyone that wants to copy Rachels fabby idea!